Friday Fictioneers & A-Z Challenge: Island Dreams

PHOTO PROMPT – © Jennifer Pendergast

This is my post for Friday Fictioneers and the A-Z Challenge, a hundred word story in response to the prompt and my entry for the letter I. For more stories click the frog and for more fun “I” stuff, check out the challenge!

Island Dreams

Funny the things we tell ourselves.

I’m better off without you.

Couples with children noisily talk, laugh, play, while I turn the page in the latest epic adventure tale of the moment.

Maybe I’m not really an island. Maybe I’m a causeway gurgling beneath the surf. Maybe I’m the chain between two box-cars, shattered, destroyed, and useless without you.

Then again, maybe I like my freedom, the open sky, no arguments, no promises to “never again,” no cops called by concerned neighbors. Maybe I am an island glistening amidst living waters, trundling peacefully along the track of my new life.

16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers & A-Z Challenge: Island Dreams

  1. Anne, I am amazed by your way with words. You are truly a talented wordsmith. Lovely and moving flash on moving on.

    I love this sentence: “Maybe I’m the chain between two box-cars, shattered, destroyed, and useless without you.” And the last sentence is just beautiful.

  2. “the things we tell ourselves” – sometimes to kill something very valuable within us… or sometimes to pick up the pieces of the broken soul…
    funny how sometimes I stop at the words that seem to be just the intro to the story, and can`t quite move forward…
    thank you so much for that stop!

  3. Dear Anne,

    “I am an island. I have no need of friendship. Friendship causes pain. It’s loving and it’s laughter I disdain…” Sorry, I couldn’t help but wax Simon and Garfunkelish on you. Nicely written and very poetic.



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