Friday Fictioneers: Awakening

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Here’s my story for Friday Fictioneers. Am lagging again this week, sorry! For more stories, click the froggy:

Reluctantly, the weary soul rises from her long slumber, dusting the mist of ignorance from her sleep-encrusted eyes. At last free from the seemingly unending dungeon, the crystal clear colors of reality are at first too bright. Fearful, she flees, returning to the world she once knew, a world now pale, now lifeless, to her waking eyes.

Despondent, yet hopeful, she must learn the ancient lesson: truths learned can never be forgotten. Once awake, once truly awake, it is impossible to ever sleep again. Weary, but determined, she must turn and prepare to greet the day again.

Okay, this week I’ve been spending a lot of time researching Greek-influenced mystical works for a project in progress. This story is partly inspired by our beautiful photo, partly by Plato’s famous Cave, and partly by one of my favorite songs (which I’ve had on repeat play while waiting for this looong winter and my gloomy mood to end!)

Friday Fictioneers: Untitled

PHOTO PROMPT – © Erin Leary

In my dream world, we could all be equal, not lined up in tidy little rows, not all conveniently the same shape or size, but not so different, in some sense the same.

We could all join in agreement that maybe, just maybe,  Someone looking down from above could see us in all our

diversity uniqueness beauty,

as we really are: precious, and special, worth protecting, worth


Then, I close the book, and open my eyes, and awake, to dream a little longer with you.


My 100-word entry for Friday Fictioneers (technically closer to 90 but who’s counting?) Running behind this week, but came down with something – yet again – fever, sore throat, mostly lost my voice (which is irritating, lots of communicating by gesturing). I can hardly wait for this winter to be over. I have never gotten sick as many times as I have this winter. But at least I had this mostly written first. 🙂 Glad I somewhat planned ahead, but also the mushrooms and Rochelle’s touching story this week especially inspired me.



IWSG: To Plan or Not to Plan


This is my latest post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, wherein on the first Wednesday of every month we post about writing. In this month’s post, I will 1) share some untruths about fiction writing and 2) attempt to be funny.

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time on plot, character, and world development. This means setting up background info so it’s there when I need it and I’m not just making up stuff as I go along. Of course, I do make up stuff as I go along but I don’t want people to know that.

Fantasy world systems tend to be crazy complex in ways no one wants to know about, except you, the author, who wants to make it look effortless and consistent, as if you have the equivalent of three or four encyclopedias in your brain. You’re not making things up. You’re just casually referencing Volume 3, Page 307, Section A: The Everyday Habits of the Cave Trolls. Because you remember that kind of thing.

Because it is all real.

Suspension of disbelief. So important.

I can’t just research and develop a world system, beyond a certain point. I need to write the story first, because I don’t want to bore people with boring details I was bored writing. Also, I am lazy. Creating a world system I’m not going to use for a story sounds like a lot of hard work. And … a little bit crazy.

What about you? How do you set up your story? Do you have a plan? ‘Tis it nobler in the mind to make things up as you go along or to plan it all out first?

On a related note, do you ever like to think out loud, to someone you know will listen?

hamletAh, sweet voices in my head. I know them well.

FROG 2.0 – in which a 21st century female Mangles the Work of the author formerly known as Samuel Clemens


This is my first time writing for Monday’s Finish the Story, and I know we’re supposed to write 100 to 150 word fiction, but I thought – just this once – it might be okay to relate a true story, based on a guy I once met.

When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in!

Many years later, Leonidas (Leo) Smiley vowed to avenge great-great-granduncle Jim for a challenge, which the challenger won by cheating, big time. Armed with the kind of knowledge common to folks in stories, he developed FROG 2.0, an addictive free-to-download frog jumping app with lots of in-app impulse purchases. Then, he sought out and convinced the last living descendant of that cheater that FROG 2.0 was “2 Kewl, LOL : ) !!!!!”.

The very next day, Leo checked his bank account, prepared to cackle with glee, knowing he had his revenge. But no, he’d been hacked, his app stolen. That no good family had struck again.

Leo never was able to re-coup his losses from FROG. That’s okay, though, because his next app took off and made him even more money. You’ve probably heard of it. One Eyed Cow Tipping: If At First You Don’t Succeed.

True story.