Friday Fictioneers & A-Z Challenge: U is for Universal


PHOTO PROMPT – © Douglas M. MacIlroy

Another double-post for Friday Fictioneers:

And the A-Z Challenge



“You can go anywhere you want, but you can’t stay here.”

Sighing, I set down my mug. It had been a long day, but apparently, an even longer night. How long had I been up, anyway?

“Well,” said my companion, “at least we’re not in the middle of Alaska with nowhere to go.”

“Who are you again?”

“Your cabin fever inspired delusion.”

“Right. I almost forgot.” I could hardly wait for winter to be over.

I finished my beer. No matter what the voices in my head said, they could at least let a man finish his beer in peace.


Sort of half-awake and staring at the title thinking … I’m not sure how that title relates to the story, BUT it does start with a U and I think it makes sense in some cosmic sense. Maybe. I’m sure the voices in my head will explain later. 😉

Happy Friday!