N – Never Again


Here is my daily post for A-Z Challenge, in which I am trying to write a story a day. I keep saying I am going to schedule a bunch of them ahead of time and then keep struggling instead to just keep up. Also, I keep thinking I should really skip a day to breathe but then I get an idea for a story and it seems like a shame to waste it. I wonder, looking back, how many of these will actually be any good.


Never Again

I may one day learn to love again.

I’m not entirely sure what love even is. In science class we learned that it’s hormones and social conditioning and it is oh-so-important to be responsible and rational about it.

They also say you never forget your first love.

When you dumped me after two days of dating, three months of longing, and five days of bribing you with your favorite snack (cheese trumpets), my whole world collapsed in on itself. It did.

I wasn’t exactly lying when I told my mom that I’d learned my lesson. Love sucks, et cetera. I will never, ever fall in love again.

You may be glad to know that she will not punish me for dating without permission, while I am stillĀ  “too young.” She even brought me a box of tissues, and cookies and milk.

Now, the day is bright, the future is clear, and I’m still sad, I guess. I will never, ever again love anyone like I loved you.

Even if you are a jerk.