This is my second post for the A-Z Challenge. For the letter B, I chose Belief.

I could be wrong. But I believe we all believe in things. Belief is part of what makes us human. We believe in God, in ourselves, in one another, in empirical science, in cynicism, questions and doubt.

So many times, we are conditioned to say things like: I don’t just believe, I know. And sometimes, that’s what we need to say, if that’s what really mean.

At other times, it’s okay to be definitely uncertain, to think differently, to see differently, to model truths in diagrams, in mathematics, and in the ways of dreams and fairy tales.

It is good to believe in ourselves and one another – so long as we don’t take that too far. Only kidding. Take it as far as you need to, to do what you believe you need to do.

What do you believe?