MFTS: The Last Trumpet(?)

My second entry for Monday’s Finish the Story – sorry so long between entries but life and blogging and then life again has been a tad crazy. **** The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out. Now, at last, was the moment when God would come to deliver them all. The world […]


Okay this is me being incredibly silly but … our 2 year old black and white cat, D.J. aka Diane Junior was put to sleep on Monday after a months-long battle with … the vets still aren’t sure what. And I am sad. But the days are gorgeous and spring is giving way to summer […]

I made it!

This will be a quick note, to say that – yes, I made it through doing two crazy things this month: Yes, I actually went 10,000 words over my personal goal, finishing with 80,000+ words – and I’m still writing. Also, I mostly finished edits on Summer Fire. Okay, I fell pretty far behind on […]