K is for Kisses

You remind me of fresh strawberries, juicy sweet, the soft flesh and the deliciously crunchy layer on top.

You make me laugh.

Do you remember our first date, walking awkwardly hand-in-hand along the beach? I’d never seen a sunset on the shore and  you didn’t believe me about that. You told me I didn’t need to make this any more romantic, because you were already hoping for a second date.

You remind me of the ocean’s rise and fall, your breath, the slow heaving of your chest beneath the covers.

You remind me, laughing, it is time to stop writing.

“What are you working on?”

“Nothing special. I was almost finished.”

You interrupt me with a kiss – and that’s it. Our story’s finished now. The end.

Running behind on my A-Z Challenge today. Long weekend. Washington D.C. was more crazy crowded than I have ever seen it.. Cherry blossoms were beautiful, though.