G – Goddess Only Knows

My entry for the A-Z Challenge, for the letter G, a flash fiction story:

Goddess Only Knows

Long ago, in times past telling, five solitary flowers bloomed. Every year, devotees of the Sacred Goddess braved the heart of the Great Garden, coming to visit these blooms, to seek their wisdom.

Each flower had its own special brand of knowledge.

The first, a bright red rose, knew the future, carefully advising seekers on the things which were yet to come. The second, the delicate daisy, judged matters of morality, taking up difficult cases which no one else could solve. The third, the glorious sunflower, proclaimed everlasting truths. The fourth, a violet, spoke gently of love.

The final flower knew of memory, of forgetting and remembering, and knew all too well how often their well-meaning advice was abused. In the end, it was the final flower which had enough, erasing all memory of its existence. None now know the name of this fifth, for all those worthy to know have long since faded into forgetfulness and gloom.

Do the flowers still bloom? If so, where? Only the Goddess knows now. Some say that if you wake at dawn with a pure heart and absolute need, you may hear a gentle voice, and the Goddess may lead you back to their wisdom.