What’s black and white and red all over?
That’s right: me.

Note to self. Do not fall asleep where little sister can get to you.
Further note to self. Two words: permanent marker.
Correction, make that three words: permanent, marker, and revenge.


This is my last post for the A-Z Challenge! Hope everyone has had a great April. I really need to go visit other blogs now. Already got to read some fun stuff.

Happy May (almost!)




Knife slices through butter with effortless grace.
Scents of garlic and thyme rise from the oven
Like teasing fingers, promising better to come.
I watch unnoticed in a corner until,
“If you’re going to stand there, you can help.”

I shake my head but come anyway,
As if pulled by invisible rope.

If I help cook, I can help taste test too, right?
You smile knowing exactly what I’m thinking.
(You always do.)

“Chop these up,” you say.

“Your wish is my command.”

“I know. That’s why you married me.”

“Because….” I grab a knife. “I could never resist.”



Fire ripped through the quiet night,
An explosion that seared trees and rocks and
Everything round for miles.
Then liquid fire lapped its slow way
Over the valley,
Easing its way down into the ocean.

In the midst of this turmoil,
A single fragment survived,
Stone stronger than stone,
The memory of the village that once lived.

Now birds and beasts make their home
In the fertile ground left behind in destruction’s wake.
Perhaps one day some ingenious, determined scientist will find
The memory of who we once were
In the ashes.

X post for the A-Z Challenge.


Once a week for a year, we said.
I for one have kept my promise.
Lingering over cooling tea, hand over my cup,
Shaking my head at the waitress.

A young couple laughs as they walk by, cheek to cheek.
I try not to take it personally. (I know it isn’t personal.)

I can’t help feeling like – I don’t know –
Like my heart has been carved out like the muffin I ate while waiting
For you.

It’s Wednesday. Where are you?

I check my watch one last time,
As somewhere a bell tolls noon,
I realize –
My watch is fast, an hour fast.
How did that happen?

I look up and see your smiling face.

“You’re early.”

I know that, now.

This is my W post for the A to Z challenge. Just a few more to go!


window opened to the beautiful park with many green trees


Gorgeous the way the buildings sit like
Many colored blocks atop the ridge outside
My new home, like curtains open to mountains beyond.

There’s a comforting noise and bustle to the place,
Children laughing and shouting as they play,
Playful breezes that linger a while to stay.

Sometimes in the chill of the morning sun,
I think how far I’ve come
From the horrors, the terrors of what came before.

Never thought I would get here-
Never thought I could stay here.
Now, I wonder if the air would taste as sweet,
As precious and priceless to me,
If not for the contrast of war.



Scraps of clothing left discarded on the floor of
An empty house.

The silence that follows after we tell you
The truth.

A moment in time when the world seems to

Words you will never be able to

Plans you will never be able to

Falling down
down into the future



Okay, this is extremely free verse poetry. =D But – not really. I had a poem I was going to post today for the A-Z Challenge, but I really don’t like it because it’s dark and depressing and cynical. Trust me. It’s bad.

Tomorrow, more poetry as promised.

Okay, one Annie knockoff (I already did Poe this month and also epic fantasy poetry so why not Annie?) Ahem.


The sun will be out today – cuz it’s a really beautiful day today,
More so than yesterday or tomorrow.

…Yeah, that’s all I’ve got.

Seriously, it’s really nice out today. I want to

Think deep thoughts. Think deep thoughts! But can’t! Too sunny and perfect room temperature outside! Tomorrow, though. There won’t be sun. =D