I made it!

This will be a quick note, to say that – yes, I made it through doing two crazy things this month:


Yes, I actually went 10,000 words over my personal goal, finishing with 80,000+ words – and I’m still writing. Also, I mostly finished edits on Summer Fire. Okay, I fell pretty far behind on those.

A-to-Z+Reflection+[2015]+-+LgI have to say that the A-Z Challenge was manic but I learned one important lesson. Okay, two important lessons. First, if I ever do this again I will definitely write posts ahead of time, because I didn’t have time/energy to do much reading with all the writing.  Second, if properly motivated, I can actually write lots of fiction.

I also read a lot this month, offline and non-fiction (because I need balance!) And did other things. But, yowza, I never would have thought it was possible to crank out a flash fiction (almost) every day. Also, it felt like practice, like I could learn by doing and get to like it and want to do more.

Also, I did get to read quite a bit and I found quite a few interesting sites I wouldn’t know about otherwise, especially across the bridge in Blogspot land. Posts have made me laugh, smile, and feel inspired.

So, that’s where I’m at! It’s been fun. 🙂 And this was quite a bit longer than I intended.

Happy May!


Friday Fictioneers & A-Z Challenge: Island Dreams


PHOTO PROMPT – © Jennifer Pendergast

This is my post for Friday Fictioneers and the A-Z Challenge, a hundred word story in response to the prompt and my entry for the letter I. For more stories click the frog and for more fun “I” stuff, check out the challenge!

Island Dreams

Funny the things we tell ourselves.

I’m better off without you.

Couples with children noisily talk, laugh, play, while I turn the page in the latest epic adventure tale of the moment.

Maybe I’m not really an island. Maybe I’m a causeway gurgling beneath the surf. Maybe I’m the chain between two box-cars, shattered, destroyed, and useless without you.

Then again, maybe I like my freedom, the open sky, no arguments, no promises to “never again,” no cops called by concerned neighbors. Maybe I am an island glistening amidst living waters, trundling peacefully along the track of my new life.

Building Bridges & Finding Inspiration

2015-02-17 13.41.33

I keep meaning to blog more and it’s hard largely because my thoughts feel all frozen. Today, I had lunch by the Susquehanna River and took this picture of the river, which is completely frozen over.

We’ve had an especially cold few days and today was the first day it was not dangerously cold so I was pretty desperate to get outside, clear my mind and find some inspiration. Yesterday I spent most of my writing day annoyedly poring over a fiction novel that needs some heavy editing, to the point where I wonder – in all seriousness – why bother? Like the river covered with snow, doesn’t seem like a whole lot is happening here.

And who knows if the water is running beneath the ice? (Probably.) And who knows what would happen if I set foot onto the ice and tried to cross over? (Probably not a great idea.)

As I gazed out at the frozen river, I found myself thinking of the Bering Strait and how ancient peoples braved that icy abyss in order to come here and claim this land. Some of those people, in fact, gave their name to this river – The Susquehanna.

Who knows what will happen if? All I know for sure is I need to continue to try, because – there really is no choice. It’s write or die, live or die, venture out into the unknown or acquiesce to what is inevitable.

Such is life, I suppose.

What do you think?