Z is for Zero Sum Game

My last post for the A-Z Challenge! It’s been real. 🙂 Eventually, I am going to have to get caught up on reading all the other posts. And sincere apologies for that. I’ve been struggling, especially toward the end, to try to be able to read – and really read and not just sort of stare blankly at things. I do plan to read for an hour or so a day and see at least some more of the wonderful stuff that was posted.



Zero Sum Game

When will we ever learn? What else can we possibly do?

Year after year, we come together for this hideous game and year after year we lose – too many, as many as we need to. In grueling contests of skill and bravery – and ruthlessness, we play until as many of us have died as were born that year, (minus those few who have died due to illness or accident.)

We fight, we play, we die, until as many of us have died as were born that year.

Is immortality worth it? I am thirty-four now, old enough to be exempt, old enough to be a survivor, old enough that my presence does not unbalance the scales. I write those words with disgust…. And I look back, and I wonder.

There has to be another way.