S is for Sisters

We knew it might come to this, the two of us in a dark alley facing off with two guys who have herded us here. “Freaking reaver lovers,” the one guy says to us. I’m calling him pimple face, because – pimples. “Do it,” Vielle says back to me. We’ve been best friends for our […]

FF: R is for Rainbows

I still believe in miracles, you said, your final words to me on my death bed. Now that I’ve joined the great cloud of witnesses, now that I’m watching you from heaven, I wish you will. You can’t have rainbows without rain, but storms pass. This too shall pass, my love. At the end of […]

O is for Origins

Where do ghosts come from? People living in war-torn lands, not quite fleeing from the senseless, aimless weapons fired by people who think of this like a video game, trying to capture strategic points, not even bothering to avoid the “soft targets,” the civilians, because there’s the terror that comes with seeing women and children […]

N is for Native

In the world I come from, we see and speak in colors. I was born as brilliant violet swirling with faintest hints of pink, with a breath of smoke that wafted and puffed between each word. Now that I’m older, I’ll settle for blues and grays. I lounge with you beneath starlit skies and dream […]

M is for Mothers

 I was today year’s old when I found out that I was adopted as a child. It was a sealed adoption, but eventually my parents found out that – literally – no one knows where I came from. My mother (or father? or random stranger?) left me in a basket outside a church. It was […]

L is for Letters

Among love letters found on a bulletin board, I find this one: Dear Lou, Remember when people said we were gay, and we used to pretend that we were? I wanted to marry you, as others did, a queer platonic partnership is the new-fangled term. But you said no, you couldn’t do that to me. […]

K is For Kings

She accepts her new responsibility with more than a hint of hesitation. How many people has she seen elevated to this place? How many people has she helped to get here, only to be disappointed. But I can’t be, she explained to the nominating committee. I’m not eligible, and I don’t want it. The last […]

J is for Justice

Standing on a bridge in Selma, Alabama, March 9th, 1965, this could go either way. There could be violence, persistence, playing out for the camera and the people gathered. At the head of the group, the leader, one charismatic preacher pauses. He doesn’t stop exactly, he pauses. This isn’t over.  You feel it in the […]

I is for Independence

I get up in the morning and look in the mirror while I brush my teeth, and oh man my hair is doing that thing it does. I hate the way my hair looks in the morning. Hey, self, I tell myself, pausing mid brush, white foam on my lips. You are incredible. You got […]

FF: F is for Friends

Title: True Love I’ve finally figured out what true love is. It’s opening up the refrigerator door at work and finding a wrapped sandwich with your name on it. At first, you’re mad. Whoever stole your sandwich yesterday decided to rewrap it and put it back? Then, you open it and find a fresh sandwich, […]