IWSG: A is for Authors


This is my post for the Insecure Writers Support Group AND the A-Z Challenge. I’m lazy so I’m combining the two!

A is for Author is my theme for today. According to the dictionary, an author is a writer – someone who has produced some manner of literary work. (Been there, done that.)

In my mind, author is more than that, a more high-minded sounding word than writer. I am an author means I am done. I have not only created something, but I’ve created something good. That’s the part I’m not sure about.

Despite being mostly over the winter blues, I have been a bad writer for the past few weeks. A combination of two rejections, the flu, and a weeklong visit by family, conspired to give me lots of excuses to let my writing fall majorly by the wayside. That said, I haven’t been completely idle. I’ve finished some content level edits for one novel and edited a couple chapters for another one, as well as some short fiction work. I’ve also been doing reading and research for a non-fiction book project.

How are things going for you? Are you an author? Do you feel strange using that word: author?

Good luck and much happy writing!