F is for

Okay, I was definitely intending to stick with flash fiction for the A-Z challenge, but I couldn’t resist this one. My sister is a … bit of a SpongeBob fan. I have been exposed to the contagious disease and am showing symptoms such a tendency to hum SpongeBob songs. I was trying to think of something for the Tuesday challenge and started singing “F is for…”

And she said Fire.

So I said NO, you can’t do that!! F ISΒ  FOR FRIENDS WHO DO THINGS TOGETHER!!

So I figured I’d share the basis for this age-old argument between siblings.

What do you think F stands for? (Not including bad four-letter words.)

Next time, I will write a mature fiction story. Pinky swear.

13 thoughts on “F is for

  1. I love Sponge Bob! Good cartoons are so creative, I love when the writers keep the adults in mind too.

  2. I know nothing about Sponge Bob. My aunt bought my 80+ year old mom an address book with Sponge Bob on the front. She never quite figured out what he was. πŸ™‚

  3. Very cute! I like it. And my house is full of sponge bob with three little boys πŸ˜€

    Just visiting from the A to Z. Have a great month.

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