E- On Eagle’s Wings


This is my entry for the A-Z challenge. (For some reason I can’t seem to save the A-Z letter images to my computer (it saves as an HTML no matter what I do, which is really weird). Anyone know why?)

On Eagle’s Wings

Screams pierce the flaming night.

They always say it is darkest before the dawn, but not this time.

Another voice of “wisdom”: if you saw your friends jumping off a bridge, would you do it too?

But mommy, but what if the bridge was on fire?

Uncertain, terrified, I close my eyes and leap, hopeless, hoping, into the swirling deep, as if childish choices could catch me. As if, perhaps, we are wise before we learn better.

If anyone is listening, if anyone can see, may we be borne up, free from this trap of death. And if I should die this night, then may the Lord keep my soul – or whatever.

My body hits water. I sink briefly. Then, I swim up and out to shore. From there, I’m free to head back to my grown up, rational world, only occasionally haunted by moments in between, when for a second I was floating, as if carried as if on eagle’s wings. Also, I’m really glad my car was fully insured.


I’m not a thoroughly practicing religionist by any means, but I always wonder while sitting in the packed church for Easter, where are all these people most Sundays? Why come to church one day a year? I thought it would be fun to write about a not super-religious guy who has a brief religious experience – and then moves on.

7 thoughts on “E- On Eagle’s Wings

  1. Great post, Anne! The ending was unexpected and made me smile.

    You’re a very lyrical writer. Thanks for visiting my blog this morning–always happy to discover new writer friends!

  2. those people that come on Christmas/Easter – well, they are anywhere else but church. To them this is just something that they do – they go to church on Holidays. Tradition. Habit. Whatever. They might even not believe in God at all. 🙂

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