Gods, Giants and a Guy Named Gary

Source: Creation Myths

When the earth was newly formed and all had not yet come to be as it presently is, the ancient giants roamed the earth freely, followed by their descendants the ancient gods.


Also, there was Gary, the first human being on earth. No one knows where he came from exactly. There are some theories but they’re probably wrong.


Gary had traits very unlike the gods, traits like curiosity, a desire to spend long days doing not much of anything, and opposable thumbs. It is said that the giants tamed chaos, and the gods shaped it into the world we know. Gary, however, made it fun. He invented fire – without which we would not have campfires. He also invented beer, music, and perhaps most importantly – yes – the written language.


Thanks Gary. However you did it, you are one heck of a guy.

To be continued tomorrow….

This is my daily post for the A-Z challenge. True confessions, I don’t know if I like this story very much. I’m posting it anyway mostly because I guess this is a journey wherein I can’t just stop and say okay never mind today! Also maybe it is good. You never know. At this point in my pre-writing of posts, I was starting to get a bit tired and my brain got loopy. Sometimes that works even if it doesn’t seem like it does.

Happy April!

3 thoughts on “Gods, Giants and a Guy Named Gary

  1. I LOVE this! I immediately got shades of Douglas Adams and one of my favorite series of all times – The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy! 🙂 Loopy in really good in this case!!

  2. If Gary invented the written language, I’m indeed grateful to him. I couldn’t read or respond to your post without him! lol

  3. Yes, I can see the Douglas Adams touch in this too. I love Gary, he sounds awesome!

    I am enjoying the A-Z Challenge for the need to be quick and just publish without spending hours editing, it’s very liberating!

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