Release Day: Trouble By Any Other Name

road receding into the distanceLori MacLaughlin, author of Lady, Thy Name is Trouble, is releasing her sequel novel Trouble By Any Other Name today May 23rd. Congrats Lori!

Trouble By Any Other Name

Tara Triannon is no stranger to trouble. She’s yet to find an enemy her skill with a sword couldn’t dispatch. But how can she fight one that attacks through her dreams?
With her nightmares worsening, Tara seeks answers but finds only more questions. Then her sister, Laraina, reveals a stunning secret. Hounded by enemies, Tara sets out on a harrowing quest to discover the true nature of who she is, to come to grips with the new volatility of her magic, and to defeat the evil locked in a centuries-old trap that will stop at nothing to control her magic and escape through her nightmares.

Happy Monday!


Celebrate the Small Things


This week for Celebrate the Small Things I am celebrating:

  1. Getting lots of writing done.

2. Getting a free Cinco de Mayo t-shirt from Moe’s (one of my favorite chain eateries ever!) I got there at opening time and there was literally a line around the store. Someone had even brought lawn chairs to sit in. The person I was meeting got there earlier (a half hour earlier) and said there were already people in line ahead of her. Still, fun!

2016-05-06 08.01.54

3. Last but not least we went to the library book sale and I got three books, including Fahrenheit 451, which (true confession) I have never actually read. I was debating whether to get it in print or finally read it online after downloading it, because it has to be all over the place right? Right. Then I thought – it’s the kind of book I need to own in print! So I bought it in all of its tattered, used book glory.

I now own the last print copy of Fahrenheit 451. Kidding. But…. You never know! I really need to read this book. I feel like I’ve read it already because people talk about it all the time and I even have a quote from it on my Kindle. I think I avoid it because the mere idea is so scary and horrible I’m afraid it will give me nightmares. I get seriously twitchy just thinking about it – people burning ALL books. But why????

I’ve made up my mind. I will read Fahrenheit 451 just once, in print. And then burn it so I will never have to read it again. Kidding again! Maybe…

2016-05-06 08.21.34

How was your week? Done anything you’ve been dreading? Made steps toward doing anything you’ve been dreading? Burned any books lately? Just checking.

IWSG: May the 4th Be With You!




Happy IWSG Day AND Happy Star Wars Day! Today is also Jane Jacobs and my mother’s birthday. (I only knew the first one because of Google.) Today is also a day for me to celebrate those who made it through the A-Z Challenge and all the inspiration I got personally from that great communal effort put together by the same guys who IWSG. Thank you so, so much!

Today, more than any other day, is a day when I think about support groups (like this wonderful group) and how much we rely on each other to get through those tough times. Full disclosure, I’m not a big Star Wars fan. (ST:TNG all the way sorry!) A couple years after my mother died, it was one of those real surreal moments when I realized her birthday is Star Wars day. Even though I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, dorks of the world unite you know? It made me happy to know I’m not in “this” alone – whatever the heck this even is.

I’m also Catholic. Whenever I hear “May the Force/4th (heehee) be with you” I immediately want to respond “And also with you/with your spirit.” Star Wars is famously rife with religious imagery.  How marvelously spiritual the idea of “the force” is – like our “higher power” or “God as we understand God” which can include our support group buddies.

We are all connected.

None of us can do this alone.

We need each other.

It’s not a dogmatic thing, but it’s about us being social animals. I’m sure George Lucas, wherever he is, would get that.

So here’s my question for the day: who do you rely on for help? What’s your support system like?

Last but not least, which is better: Star Wars or Star Trek? And – also important – old or new? These things matter! :O)