Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate blog hop

I’ve had a super-productive week writing-wise. I decided mid-month to enter CampNaNoWriMo to give me that extra shove to finish off a novel draft, which I just did. I managed to do posts for the A-Z Challenge (though I didn’t spend as much time I wanted to.) And now that I’m feeling all creative I’m doing big edits on two other novels (part of a trilogy I’m working on.)

We set a date and have invitations in the mail for dad’s 80th birthday party. It’s going to be a surprise party but it’s okay because he doesn’t really do internet. I also got my daily exercise in and got other self-care time and activities in there.

How has your week been? Hard to believe April is almost over. One more day, and then it’s May.

You Should Know

There was something I was really supposed to tell you. I remember writing it down somewhere.  Was it on my iPhone? No… I forgot to charge the stupid thing again  last night. I didn’t have my journal at the time, so it couldn’t have been my journal either.

Agh, where did I write it down? The thing I definitely had to tell you. Something important… Somewhere I wouldn’t lose it or forget where it was… Why do I always do this?

It’ll come to me eventually.


One more day to go in the A-Z challenge!