IWSG: May the 4th Be With You!




Happy IWSG Day AND Happy Star Wars Day! Today is also Jane Jacobs and my mother’s birthday. (I only knew the first one because of Google.) Today is also a day for me to celebrate those who made it through the A-Z Challenge and all the inspiration I got personally from that great communal effort put together by the same guys who IWSG. Thank you so, so much!

Today, more than any other day, is a day when I think about support groups (like this wonderful group) and how much we rely on each other to get through those tough times. Full disclosure, I’m not a big Star Wars fan. (ST:TNG all the way sorry!) A couple years after my mother died, it was one of those real surreal moments when I realized her birthday is Star Wars day. Even though I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, dorks of the world unite you know? It made me happy to know I’m not in “this” alone – whatever the heck this even is.

I’m also Catholic. Whenever I hear “May the Force/4th (heehee) be with you” I immediately want to respond “And also with you/with your spirit.” Star Wars is famously rife with religious imagery.  How marvelously spiritual the idea of “the force” is – like our “higher power” or “God as we understand God” which can include our support group buddies.

We are all connected.

None of us can do this alone.

We need each other.

It’s not a dogmatic thing, but it’s about us being social animals. I’m sure George Lucas, wherever he is, would get that.

So here’s my question for the day: who do you rely on for help? What’s your support system like?

Last but not least, which is better: Star Wars or Star Trek? And – also important – old or new? These things matter! :O)



Why, hello. Great to have you here.  Put up your feet. Relax. Don’t mind the ghost wandering through these halls, mostly friendly most of the time. Just try to remember: don’t wear red, don’t talk about the color red, preferably don’t even think about the color red.

Oh no, you’re thinking about it now aren’t you?



Darn it Blinky! This is why we never have visitors.

The A-Z challenge is almost through! What an April it’s been! Thanks for stopping by.

Reality Bends


Image by Ute Kraus. From scienceblogs.com


Time moves more slowly when we’re apart and more quickly when we’re together. Within those precious moments, seconds pass from the glorious present into the heated warmth of forever memories burning like a golden sun which can never quite consume what was and what will be.

Obstacles never stay between us long, whether pebble or river or mountain. What can I say? My world curves around you like the surface of the earth curves around its center.  Don’t get me wrong. We both have our lives and we both do our thing. It just always comes back around to you.

I wonder what Einstein would say about that.

Last video ever, but I found it while searching for an image for this one and it was too fun not to share. Looks like it would be hard work to draw, but still fun to watch. The tricks our minds can play!

Hard to believe April is almost over. This is my second A-Z challenge and I will definitely plan this better next year, but have had a lot of fun and seen a lot of interesting posts. Peace!

The Mighty

No one knew her name, including herself, because she had forgotten it long ago. To most, she was simply that strange lady who wandered the streets of their town, who slept beneath the bridge. Some said she was a witch, and perhaps this was closest to the truth. Certainly the authorities they called in to try to help her out could never seem to find her.

There was one thing only she knew: she prayed for her neighbors daily and daily watched her prayers answered, not always right away, but eventually. Mostly unnoticed except for the random acts of charity neighbors showered upon her, she prayed for those who helped feed and clothe her; she prayed even harder for those who did not. Perhaps she was not entirely in her right mind and perhaps that is because she was somewhere better still.

The whole town grieved when they found her body beneath the bridge. If only they knew the crown of glory that awaited her, a crown made not of gold or of silver, but of the gratitude of all those with whom she shared her love. Perhaps then, they would have rejoiced. Perhaps that is why, deep in their hearts, they did.

This is my entry for the A-Z Challenge. True confessions, I really hated the post I wrote for today so I scrapped it and wrote this this morning instead. I’m linking to Maire/Moya Brennan’s The Mighty One, a song I love. She wrote this song to honor the first Irish expedition to scale Mt. Everest, but I think it has a lot of other meaning in it, stepped in her own deep spiritual heritage. I came up with the title and the story to go with it on my way back from church, thinking about how we define greatness in the world and how many times the people we most admire are not the newspaper headline ones. Happy Friday! Halfway through the month!



Let’s go to the movies. I’ve really been wanting to watch the latest Quentin Tarantino.

Great idea. Let’s invite our friends.

Yeah, let’s.

Let’s go out for ice cream after. Anyone else want to? No?

Let’s go anyway.


Let’s kiss a little.

Let’s go back to my place.

Yes, let’s.

Let’s exchange phone numbers before you go.

Let’s take things slow.

Let’s give this a chance.

Let’s just be friends.

Let’s not.


This is my L entry for the A-Z challenge, and,  true confessions, this is one of three in a row I wrote on relationships. And I don’t really like how they came out. I liked the idea but can’t seem to make that idea work. In this one, I mostly wanted to play on the term “let’s” and how I’ve seen it used in so many different ways, from sarcastic (Yes, let’s all go an freeze our butts off) to enthusiastic (let’s go to Disney World!) And use those different layers of meaning to play on the games people play with each other. My main problem is I think the prose is trying to be too clever and therefore doesn’t clearly convey the story.

Any thoughts on  how this could be better? As a writer or reader have you ever read something where you thought – great concept (maybe) but terrible execution? Are there some stories which would be great to read or write if you could only think of a way to do it – but how would you do that?

Happy Thursday! Almost halfway through April!

King for a Day



Art from Vladimir Zuñiga of Foca.tk

In retrospect, I should have known something was not quite right about the offer. I had already decided to stop responding to strange internet ads. Like, that one time the really great deal on a new Xbox turned out to be a cardboard box with an X and a smiley face on it. Ha ha. I got it later, and it was worth the dollar for the joke.

I thought it would be fun to be king for a day. It is apparently part of their religious ritual and I fit the description (5’5 medium build with brown hair and blue eyes.) As promised, they fed me really well and people did whatever I asked. Also, the clothes are pretty cool, and the crown – beautiful.

I should have asked what they meant by sacrificial victim. I should have asked. I thought it was symbolic, you know, like I would wave at the group while they held up a “sacrificial” loaf of bread or something. Now the flames are rising and it is getting hard to breathe and, well, if you can read this I want to pass on some sound advice.

If you ever decide to respond to a weird online ad promising to make you king for the day (or whatever), make sure you get all the details first. Then again (really feeling dizzy now) maybe I should have really stopped responding to strange online ads.

Just Breathe


While I stand at the edge of the diving board, ready to make my mark on the water – and hopefully on the world of competitive diving – a hush takes over. You know that moment when a diver dives and everyone takes a deep breath while they watch her body descend toward the seemingly solid water?

For me, it starts sooner than that, the world seeming to fall away while my thoughts focus on the work I am going to do, on the creak of the board, the spring of my step.

You always used to say just breathe. When you are nervous, just breathe. But, not underwater. That would be bad.

Wherever you are now, looking down from heaven while the rest of us wait to see what happens next, I hope you can appreciate the joke.


This is my J post for the A-Z Challenge. Almost halfway there!