IWSG: May the 4th Be With You!

AND Happy IWSG Day AND Happy Star Wars Day! Today is also Jane Jacobs and my mother’s birthday. (I only knew the first one because of Google.) Today is also a day for me to celebrate those who made it through the A-Z Challenge and all the inspiration I got personally from that great communal […]


Why, hello. Great to have you here.  Put up your feet. Relax. Don’t mind the ghost wandering through these halls, mostly friendly most of the time. Just try to remember: don’t wear red, don’t talk about the color red, preferably don’t even think about the color red. Oh no, you’re thinking about it now aren’t […]

Reality Bends

  Time moves more slowly when we’re apart and more quickly when we’re together. Within those precious moments, seconds pass from the glorious present into the heated warmth of forever memories burning like a golden sun which can never quite consume what was and what will be. Obstacles never stay between us long, whether pebble […]

The Mighty

No one knew her name, including herself, because she had forgotten it long ago. To most, she was simply that strange lady who wandered the streets of their town, who slept beneath the bridge. Some said she was a witch, and perhaps this was closest to the truth. Certainly the authorities they called in to […]


Let’s go to the movies. I’ve really been wanting to watch the latest Quentin Tarantino. Great idea. Let’s invite our friends. Yeah, let’s. Let’s go out for ice cream after. Anyone else want to? No? Let’s go anyway. Let’s. Let’s kiss a little. Let’s go back to my place. Yes, let’s. Let’s exchange phone numbers […]

King for a Day

  In retrospect, I should have known something was not quite right about the offer. I had already decided to stop responding to strange internet ads. Like, that one time the really great deal on a new Xbox turned out to be a cardboard box with an X and a smiley face on it. Ha […]

Just Breathe

While I stand at the edge of the diving board, ready to make my mark on the water – and hopefully on the world of competitive diving – a hush takes over. You know that moment when a diver dives and everyone takes a deep breath while they watch her body descend toward the seemingly […]


What do people often say is a waste of time, not real, an escape from reality? What creates vast castles in the clouds, lone watches on gorgeous beaches, with only three things you were allowed to bring? What can frighten us in the dark of night and inspire us in the darkest of days, lead […]

He Was a Hairy Man

Yesterday we spoke about Gary, who was a great guy. Today, we continue his tale, with his kids. As men tend to do when left to their own devices, Gary found a wife and had kids. Most of Gary’s descendants were like him: hairy, inquisitive, and reasonably intelligent. However, some of Gary’s descendants took after […]

Gods, Giants and a Guy Named Gary

When the earth was newly formed and all had not yet come to be as it presently is, the ancient giants roamed the earth freely, followed by their descendants the ancient gods.   Also, there was Gary, the first human being on earth. No one knows where he came from exactly. There are some theories […]