Celebrate the Small Things

I’m in a big rush as I write this one for Celebrate the Small Things, hosted by Lexa Cain.

This week I have a lot to celebrate. Lots of writing and other work done, including housework and  yardwork and daily exercise. Have to run now due to going to visit my dad’s girlfriend then my dad as part of planning a surprise 80th birthday party for him. Also celebrating that!



2015-11-16 16.33.13

It’s an old story, old perhaps as time. My world changed the day we met and I can never quite figure out how. Mom pressured me to go spend time with you, because “you never know how long you’ll have.”

I hated the smell, the cloying perfume and flowers, the crowded collection of photos and knickknacks. I hated your tiny living space, the old log cabin in the middle of nowhere without cell phone service, without internet, just this crappy old landline. What was there to do for fun?

Then, you spoke. Then, we walked. You taught me about nature and the world we live in, about the simple joys of a simple life.

Here’s my Friday post for A-Z Challenge. Almost to the end now!