What do people often say is a waste of time, not real,
an escape from reality?

What creates vast castles in the clouds, lone watches on gorgeous beaches, with only three things you were allowed to bring?

What can frighten us in the dark of night and inspire us in the darkest of days, lead us on wild goose chases and out of impossible situations?

Where did this
Come from?

Why won’t it go away?

If only.
I wish.
I hope that never happens.
IF that should ever happen, here’s what I’ll do.
Next time that happens, I will have a plan.

The human mind, a frightening, glorious, ironically tiny space. Who could have dreamt such a thing into existence?

I wonder, put down my pen, and wonder some more before continuing with
my day.


This is my daily post for the A-Z Challenge. Happy Monday!