He Was a Hairy Man

Source: “Esau Christianity?” in Internet Monk

Yesterday we spoke about Gary, who was a great guy. Today, we continue his tale, with his kids. As men tend to do when left to their own devices, Gary found a wife and had kids.

Most of Gary’s descendants were like him: hairy, inquisitive, and reasonably intelligent. However, some of Gary’s descendants took after their mother: intelligent, crafty and maybe a little deranged. These outliers were conspicuously well-groomed and less hairy and gods tended  to prefer them because well that’s a bit of a mystery. Who really understands the mind of gods?

To this day, “hairy men” are often favorites of their fathers and the more crafty, cultured are favorites of their mothers. Some speculate that this is yet more proof that God is probably a woman.


This is my H post for the A-Z Challenge and my second in a two part series on Gary. Hope you have a great weekend. We’re having some surreal late season snow here.

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