Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate blog hop

It’s Friday again and that means time to post those things we’re celebrating this week, as part of a blog hop led by Lexa Cain.

This week, I have several things to celebrate.

  1. Made it to the gym/outdoor cardio every day this week. Yesterday I got to go for a fun walk at Wildwood Park.
  2. On Sunday, they had an author panel at our local library. I got a signed copy of a fun book from a local author, Natalie Damschroder, as well as some fun advice from authors to aspiring authors. It was a real pick-me-up.
  3. Also got to take a lovely drive up past the Appalachian trail and the Blue Mountains for a quick trip up to Millersburg.
  4. Got my A-Z challenge posts done. This is not as hard as last year because I (mostly) wrote posts ahead of time but I’m already seeing how I could have prepared better and had more time to visit other people. As it is, it has been hard.

I’m sort of skating by on a few hours of sleep. Probably because of the seriously weird weather changes one thing I can’t celebrate this week is the ability to sleep. I’m sure there are other things but my brain keeps blanking out at weird moments and then I think – wow, I am really tired. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get more sleep tonight. Happy Friday!

The Mighty

No one knew her name, including herself, because she had forgotten it long ago. To most, she was simply that strange lady who wandered the streets of their town, who slept beneath the bridge. Some said she was a witch, and perhaps this was closest to the truth. Certainly the authorities they called in to try to help her out could never seem to find her.

There was one thing only she knew: she prayed for her neighbors daily and daily watched her prayers answered, not always right away, but eventually. Mostly unnoticed except for the random acts of charity neighbors showered upon her, she prayed for those who helped feed and clothe her; she prayed even harder for those who did not. Perhaps she was not entirely in her right mind and perhaps that is because she was somewhere better still.

The whole town grieved when they found her body beneath the bridge. If only they knew the crown of glory that awaited her, a crown made not of gold or of silver, but of the gratitude of all those with whom she shared her love. Perhaps then, they would have rejoiced. Perhaps that is why, deep in their hearts, they did.

This is my entry for the A-Z Challenge. True confessions, I really hated the post I wrote for today so I scrapped it and wrote this this morning instead. I’m linking to Maire/Moya Brennan’s The Mighty One, a song I love. She wrote this song to honor the first Irish expedition to scale Mt. Everest, but I think it has a lot of other meaning in it, stepped in her own deep spiritual heritage. I came up with the title and the story to go with it on my way back from church, thinking about how we define greatness in the world and how many times the people we most admire are not the newspaper headline ones. Happy Friday! Halfway through the month!