The Forgotten Fjord


Fjord in Canada National Park

Hidden away in the crooked coast of what is now known as British Columbia, where winter cold bites the air and sun sparkles on icy waters, many years ago did the great god Thor rest his hammer and his head. Little did he know that black Hecate watched and waited for his slumber. Stealing mighty Mjollnir, with power and with cold she formed a secret place, a hidden place where gods and men might rest and where she might conceal her secrets for ages yet to come.

If you come to the land of frozen beauty, by carefully chartered craft you can find it still: Hecate’s forgotten fjord.

This is my post for day 6 of the A-Z Challenge. Just a few notes I wanted to add. There really is a Hecate Strait but no secret magical fjords (that I know of….) Canada does have some gorgeous fjords in that general area though and mountains and glaciers. I’ve never been but it’s one of those places I’ve always wanted to go.

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