Entryway & Happy IWSG Day!

A door in Mykonos, Greece


5000 people a year. Every spring a crowd would gather on the muddy cobblestone street where the pale gray door sat waiting to open. Some brought whole families, and some brought hope.

For exactly 5000 people a year, the door would creak silently open and they, and only they, could see it happen. No one who was called refused. No one in the kingdom failed to stop and see if it was their turn, from the highest regent to the lowest peasant. Though some tried, no one from outside the kingdom was ever called to enter.

No one knew where the door had come from or why it was there.

Some returned with rare jewels. Others returned with secrets, with knowledge beyond telling.

5000 people a year, starting in spring and ending in fall – and the world would never be the same again.


This is my fifth entry for the A-Z Challenge.  It’s also IWSG Wednesday and I want to say happy IWSG Day to all my insecure writers out there! Every time I commit myself to do this flash fiction thing I find myself inspired and reminded that – when I put in the effort – I can get things written. Maybe not the best work in the world but once I start writing I remember why I love it and wonder how I sometimes think I can’t possibly think of anything to write today.

Happy April!

13 thoughts on “Entryway & Happy IWSG Day!

  1. Any good flash fiction should be satisfying as it is, yet make the reader ask a million questions. This does that and more. Well done.

  2. You’ve got me hooked as well. I want to read more.

    I feel the same way. I have so many doubts and then I sit down and write and all this stuff comes out. Always a surprise.

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