Think About It

Dragon castle

Yeah, I was paying attention. I know what you’re planning to do and have a pretty good idea why. I’d like to say something like “good luck” and “see you when you get back.” I’d even like to try again to talk you out of this.

Instead, I just want to point out – one last time – that 1) dragons jealously hoard their treasures, 2) this one has never bothered us and 3) I’m pretty sure the princess chose to leave for her own reasons, ie. to get away from you and your unwelcome advances.

Please, at least finish Dragon Slaying for Dummies, especially  the chapter on What to Do if Escape Seems Impossible. There are pictures. Just saying.

Well, good luck.


Almost to the end of the A-Z Challenge! Congrats to all my fellow writers going for it this year. So, what do you think. Have you ever had a friend or acquaintance determined to do something you knew was a bad idea and felt the need to try your best to talk them out of it? Have you ever done something great and impossible-seeming despite people trying to talk you out of it? What do you think? Here’s to all the dragon slayers out there and to all the people who care!


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