Reality Bends

Image by Ute Kraus. From


Time moves more slowly when we’re apart and more quickly when we’re together. Within those precious moments, seconds pass from the glorious present into the heated warmth of forever memories burning like a golden sun which can never quite consume what was and what will be.

Obstacles never stay between us long, whether pebble or river or mountain. What can I say? My world curves around you like the surface of the earth curves around its center.  Don’t get me wrong. We both have our lives and we both do our thing. It just always comes back around to you.

I wonder what Einstein would say about that.

Last video ever, but I found it while searching for an image for this one and it was too fun not to share. Looks like it would be hard work to draw, but still fun to watch. The tricks our minds can play!

Hard to believe April is almost over. This is my second A-Z challenge and I will definitely plan this better next year, but have had a lot of fun and seen a lot of interesting posts. Peace!

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