Image from KCAW The Raven

You are the only person I ever knew who kept a pet raven. The black lipstick and nail polish were nice, sexy even, but the raven? That was just weird.

I love Edgar Allen Poe. You love Edgar Allen Poe.

I don’t love the extra money I’d have to pay for rent if you and that thing moved in.

We argued, it got heated.

I wanted to keep seeing each other. You said what’s the use? We aren’t going anywhere.

I said nevermore. You said I can find the door.

Stupid raven.


I wrote this somewhat wacky story for the A-Z challenge, for the letter N, as in No Way. Have you ever been in a relationship where there’s just that one little thing you can’t stand about the other person? Remember, communication is key. Hope you have a great weekend and that all of your problems are manageable ones. (No ravens were harmed or actually disliked in the writing of this story.)

(Last video, promise!)

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