Celebrate the Small Things 7

For this week’s celebrate the Small Things


I survived the wmof!
I’m celebrating that. Now 4 the weekend. I’m kind of exhausted and mind blown.
Here’s some pics.


Cardinal Tagle at the final talk greets people.


Our Lady of knots. People write prayers on ribbons and tie them and pray for prayers they see.


Gay rights advocates with signs and heartrending testimony at a meeting.


From the women’s ordination conference which I also attended the (in)famous theresa Kane prepares to share what she’d say to pope Francis.

Tomorrow I will be at the festival and Sunday am volunteering at the papal mass. So excited. Philly is crazy now!

OK one more pic.
Selfie from wmof 1st day.


OK one more. From exhibit at the library an antique pocket quran.


5 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things 7

  1. What a big and exciting event! It’s lovely to see the GLBT community represented, and that they have a Q’uran on display. Tolerance and inclusiveness are beautiful things. Have a great time at the papal mass! 🙂

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