Celebrate the Small Things #4

Celebrate blog hopHere’s my fourth post for Celebrate the Small Things! As often Friday mornings in a bit of a rush, well as usual on most mornings most of the time, but here’s what I can come up with thus far!

  1. Finally, I got someone to remodel my bathroom. I ditched the former guy and got new people who are willing to do a much simpler job for somewhat less. I am so relieved and tense. As I type this, they are supposed to show up in about ten minutes.
  2. Made it to work every day this week.
  3. Made it to the gym every day
  4. Started work on a short story for the IWSG contest. (Although I’m probably going to submit one I wrote a while ago, I’m flexing my muscles! Unfortunately, that story was lost and will have to be found or rewritten but … I can do that. Sure.)
  5. Did edits on my novel.
  6. Got started reading a new novel Cycle of Arawn, which started out really slow (almost gave up on it tbh!) but now it’s starting to get kind of interesting now.
  7. My dad is now OUT OF REHAB!! (He was in the hospital then rehab). He has to go to the doctor every day but he is so happy to be out. Going to visit him tomorrow for a few hours because we have to tone down Labor Day celebrations a little bit but still planning to get together. I’m so relieved. They were saying he would have to be in for much longer and he was seriously despirited by that.

Hope everyone is having a great week!