Celebrate the Small Things #6

Celebrate blog hop

For this week’s Celebrate the Small Things, I am scheduling this one ahead of time because on Friday – yes! – I’ll be heading to Philadelphia for a pre-conference conference. (I’m super excited about this one even though it means leaving early in the morning!)

Other things I’ve accomplished this week are finishing a draft of a short story and getting roofer and landscaper scheduled. Got circuit breaker box repaired – and well lots of house stuff. But everything should be good to go before winter! Even if it’s costing – a lot of money. I really need to get a lot of freelancing done and/or snag a permanent position to keep up with the bills, cuz yikes!

How has your week been? Will likely be incommunicado for most of this coming week but will respond to comments asap!


7 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things #6

  1. Congrats for getting so much done! I hope you have a great time at the conference and I hope you manage to find enough work to pay for all those home up-keep necessities. 🙂

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