Celebrate the Small Things 3

Here’s my third post for celebrate the Small Things where every week we look at what we’ve accomplished . What I’ve accomplished this week. 1. Made it to work every day. I’m on the bus on the way to Friday so that counts! 2. Made it to the gym almost every day. See next bullet! […]

Friday Fictioneers: No One Ever Knew

Here’s my entry for Friday Fictioneers. This week’s fascinating photo comes from C.E.Ayr. For more stories, click the frog! Gazing at the view screen, Ereenor sighed, the sound moving like thunder through the water. “Yes, the planet is mostly water,” he said. “But its people are not friendly to our brothers and sisters. Some they […]

Celebrate the Small Things #2

My accomplishments this week: Got a flash fiction story written. Have another that I will get done today! Made it to work every day (yay). Nothing so exciting this week, but still I was there. Visited my dad in the hospital on Saturday and made him smile with a balloon and a card. Going to […]

MFTS – Really, Where DID They Go?

My entry for Monday’s Finish the Story. It’s been a while, and I’ve been carrying this story around in my head all week. Love the picture Babs! get the InLinkz code ………… “Where did they all go?” Colonel Malcolm Winter III stared blankly out at the empty desert. Where had the Indians gone? Perhaps they […]

Celebrate the Small Things

This is my first post for Celebrate the Small Things, a new blog hop I just joined wherein we post what we’ve accomplished this week and share the positive energy. I joined this wonderful group! Seriously, it’s helping me to put a positive spin on the week. I can feel it working already! I went […]

IWSG: Writing Is

I decided to be a little lyrical with this one. Sorry I’m posting it late, but with work, moving and a bout of poison ivy I’ve been going a little crazy lately.. Anyway, here’s my post. …… Writing is hard, I say in passing, as if talking about something not that important to me, really. […]