Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate blog hopFor this week’s Celebrate the Small Things, I literally have a couple small things to celebrate. I took in a couple of stray kittens last week and they’re settling in lovely.

I have a pictures but they’re all fuzzy due to the fact that the kittens seem to think the camera is a really fun toy and are only momentarily distracted.

Wait…I think that’s the camera toy up there. Yes, yes it is.2015-10-29 17.52.34Haven’t been getting a whole lot of sleep, but got some writing done. Decided I will do NaNo this year and have a story ready to go. Attended a woman’s conference on Saturday which was fun. Finally got my roof done so all the major house repairs are done.

How was your week? Fun? Exhausting?

Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate blog hopHere’s my weekly post for Celebrate the Small Things! And my how time flies. I can’t believe it’s the middle of October already(???)

Here’s a few things I’m celebrating this past week!

  1. Visited with family this past weekend and spent time with a family friend who told me stories and showed me some fascinating historical artifacts she’s kept around, like war ration stamps.
  2. Got a small writing project done for a client who (due to some technical difficulties) got the guidelines to me at the last minute. I really had to go to the wire for that one.
  3. Got my car in for its annual inspection (here in PA we have to do emissions AND inspection once a year) and found out that because I’m in the dealer’s loyalty plan the inspection was much cheaper than it would be otherwise, which is awesome, because my income is not so great at the moment.
  4. Did a lot of edits on works in progress, including my short story for the IWSG contest, which is almost where I want it to be!
  5. For an ongoing non-fiction project I’m doing, got through a couple books and halfway through a couple more. Also started brushing up on my foreign languages again, because I want to do some scholarly writing and feel like I have important things to say.

And that’s been my week thus far. I love how I often feel like “I didn’t get anything done this week” until I start writing it all down and it’s like – you know, not too shabby after all. How was your week?

Celebrate the Small Things 9


Today I’m celebrating getting a lot done this week. Finished final content edits for a short story, sold a few small pieces, did a lot of research for an ongoing project and met someone with a surprising connection to my past. The priest who celebrated my mom’s funeral. That whole funeral was such a blur it wasn’t until after looking at her obit that I realized duh that’s where we’d met before. Also started the new Stephenie Meyer novel reimagining twilight with gender reversal and totally loving it! I love experimental fiction and this one is like candy.
How about you. How’s your week?

IWSG: Stick-With-It-Ness


Here’s my monthly post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, where the first Wednesday of every month we get together to share our concerns and support one another in this ongoing writing journey.

This month, I feel like – well, there’s nothing astounding to report again. Making tiny amounts of money from writing, not enough to live on. Doing lots of edits. Living life.

But here’s what I can say: I’m still here. I haven’t given up yet! And then I thought, I like the phrase stick-with-it-ness, one of those fun phrases people use now and again when we need to grin with our gritted teeth. Here’s to plain old determination – and you know what else? I love language. I love how language works and I love the fun, crazy, awesome things we do with it.

And that’s why I’m a writer. Because I love language and literature and human speech. Sometimes, I need to remember that too.

How about you? Any news to report? (Including the news that you’re still plugging on? That definitely counts!)

Looking forward to the monthly pick me up.

Celebrating the Small Things

Celebrate blog hop

This week for Celebrating the Small Things, I’m going to be brief because I’m still recovering from a super-awesome week which I’m still processing and where I got really sick (combination of lots of people, very little sleep and not super great weather). I’m still not entirely over it.

And that’s all I really want to say. The past week in Philadelphia was awesome, not just or even mostly because of the pope, but because of all the fascinating and diverse people I got to meet, who I will never ever forget.

So, that’s what I’m celebrating! A chance to experience once in a lifetime events, and then to rest up and process. Life is good.

How was your week? What are you celebrating?