Celebrate the Small Things #5

Celebrate blog hop

So here’s my post for Celebrate the Small Things, where once a week we share a few things we’ve accomplished in the past week.

It’s been an interesting week. I 1) had my bathroom done (yay!), 2) visited with my dad who is now out and about – although tired – and went to Cracker Barrel for lunch  and 3) spent the week taking care of house and writing stuff. I got a new short story up and running, wrote several articles for pay, and am getting back on track, hopefully.

Did I mention my bathroom is finally done??? I also have roofers and landscape people giving me estimates. Any day now this house really will start to feel like a home.

How’s your week been?

9 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things #5

  1. Yay that your bathroom is done! It’s so nice when you finally get to the finished product. Hope the roofing and landscaping goes well! That’s great that your dad is doing better. Congrats on all your writing progress! Have a good rest of the week!

  2. I’ve had a great week so far, Anne. I’ve completed the first two parts of a serial I’m writing for a woman’s magazine competition and started two new short stories. The cold Autumnal days are encouraging me to stay glued to my office chair 🙂 Really pleased your bathroom is almost done. YAY!!!

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