What do people often say is a waste of time, not real, an escape from reality? What creates vast castles in the clouds, lone watches on gorgeous beaches, with only three things you were allowed to bring? What can frighten us in the dark of night and inspire us in the darkest of days, lead […]

He Was a Hairy Man

Yesterday we spoke about Gary, who was a great guy. Today, we continue his tale, with his kids. As men tend to do when left to their own devices, Gary found a wife and had kids. Most of Gary’s descendants were like him: hairy, inquisitive, and reasonably intelligent. However, some of Gary’s descendants took after […]

Gods, Giants and a Guy Named Gary

When the earth was newly formed and all had not yet come to be as it presently is, the ancient giants roamed the earth freely, followed by their descendants the ancient gods.   Also, there was Gary, the first human being on earth. No one knows where he came from exactly. There are some theories […]

The Forgotten Fjord

  Hidden away in the crooked coast of what is now known as British Columbia, where winter cold bites the air and sun sparkles on icy waters, many years ago did the great god Thor rest his hammer and his head. Little did he know that black Hecate watched and waited for his slumber. Stealing […]

Dogs Do

I thought of another story you should probably hear, but warning it is kind of gross at the end. You remember little Ryan, poor child, lost both parents within one week. Some say his family was haunted or cursed, his mother dead in that dreadful fire and his father – well, who knows. You were […]

The Artist

Whenever she pictured him, he held A brush in his hand, mouth pursed in thought. Together, they imagined universes and colors and sound like the Delicate cool blue whirl of the pulsar like the ocean at the heart of every star. Whenever she pictures him, colors stain his fingers, Many colors swirled in a chaotic […]

I made it!

This will be a quick note, to say that – yes, I made it through doing two crazy things this month: Yes, I actually went 10,000 words over my personal goal, finishing with 80,000+ words – and I’m still writing. Also, I mostly finished edits on Summer Fire. Okay, I fell pretty far behind on […]

Z is for Zero Sum Game

My last post for the A-Z Challenge! It’s been real. 🙂 Eventually, I am going to have to get caught up on reading all the other posts. And sincere apologies for that. I’ve been struggling, especially toward the end, to try to be able to read – and really read and not just sort of […]


My very last cross-post for Friday Fictioneers and A-Z Challenge. I’m feeling a little mixed-feeling-ish. This photo reminded me a little of Baltimore, MD, where I was visiting last Friday. The city is in my thoughts and prayers. You The time has come for us to part ways, but that’s okay. Wind tousles my hair, […]

X is for Xanadu

All right, this is my true next to next to last post for A-Z Challenge. Apparently (you may not have known this, as apparently I’d “forgotten”) but apparently April has 30 days AND there is a letter between X and Z. That letter is Y, as in Why did I agree to write 26 posts […]