I made it!

This will be a quick note, to say that – yes, I made it through doing two crazy things this month:


Yes, I actually went 10,000 words over my personal goal, finishing with 80,000+ words – and I’m still writing. Also, I mostly finished edits on Summer Fire. Okay, I fell pretty far behind on those.

A-to-Z+Reflection+[2015]+-+LgI have to say that the A-Z Challenge was manic but I learned one important lesson. Okay, two important lessons. First, if I ever do this again I will definitely write posts ahead of time, because I didn’t have time/energy to do much reading with all the writing.  Second, if properly motivated, I can actually write lots of fiction.

I also read a lot this month, offline and non-fiction (because I need balance!) And did other things. But, yowza, I never would have thought it was possible to crank out a flash fiction (almost) every day. Also, it felt like practice, like I could learn by doing and get to like it and want to do more.

Also, I did get to read quite a bit and I found quite a few interesting sites I wouldn’t know about otherwise, especially across the bridge in Blogspot land. Posts have made me laugh, smile, and feel inspired.

So, that’s where I’m at! It’s been fun. 🙂 And this was quite a bit longer than I intended.

Happy May!


10 thoughts on “I made it!

  1. Wow! Congratulations!
    I made it through A to Z…but fell 5k short of my editing goals for Camp NaNo — I would have made it (was working on a scene that would have gotten me over), but went out with a friend yesterday instead 🙂
    I am impressed with all you managed this month! Kudos!

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