H is for Hummingbirds

Sometimes, all you need is that one thing to keep you going. For some, it’s a loved one, human or animal.  For some, it’s religion, their belief in some invisible guy in the clouds. Whatever works for you man. My greatest inspiration, by far, has been this guy who lives to tend his houseplants. No, I’m not kidding. When one dies, he buries it and gets another. I know this, because I asked what would happen if his plants died, if he would just give up. Nope, he said. It’s the opposite of that.

Failure is part of life. So is success.

For me, hummingbirds are the perfect bird to feed. They drink nectar, they have buzzy little wings, and they are so fast and so clever. They don’t always show up, but when they do, I get to watch them feeding. They help keep my yard pleasant to sit in when it’s nice out and the flowers are blooming, and also when it’s not. I live for my hummingbirds. Don’t laugh. We all have something that gets us through the hardest times.


Inspired by true, asexual stories. I think we all have our own comforts and things we love. You never know at first glance what might be that one thing that keeps someone else going. ❤ It may not be your thing or my thing, but (as long as it’s not hurting anyone including themselves!) that’s okay, if that’s what works for them.

2 thoughts on “H is for Hummingbirds

  1. There is a giant bush in my yard that hummingbirds gravitate to. They’re so tiny! Like oversized bumble bees. They are also remarkably territorial. I’ve seen them fight over this particular feeding space.

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