Q is for Queen

It’s not easy being fabulous. Let me tell you something. Have you ever tried to walk – let alone dance like this – in six inch heels?

I’ll tell you what. If you had to dance in heels, one minute for every time someone has dared to judge me, yeah – I’d like to see you try. I’d like to see you try to walk for a minute, to strut for a minute, to show off your stuff for a minute in my shoes.

It’s not easy to be a queen, but oh it is fabulous to be seem.

I adjust my wig, take a deep breath, plump up those breasts. Oh yeah, I got this.

“Now presenting,” the announcer says. “The one, the only, Mystique.”


This seemed like a good time to talk about love of performance, love of putting on a show. Most, but not all, drag queens are gay guys. You can be any sexual or gender identity and be a queen, if you’re willing to do the work. In a world of princesses, I sometimes think it would be cool to be a queen.

Ru Paul

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