IWSG: Another Year, Another 50+

Here’s my post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, where once a month we get together to encourage, support, and share our joys, hopes, and insecurities. This month, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m getting myself re-entrenched in the Freelance writing thing, survived holiday with my family, and adopted a couple new kittens were roaming in […]

Celebrate the Small Things #4

Here’s my fourth post for Celebrate the Small Things! As often Friday mornings in a bit of a rush, well as usual on most mornings most of the time, but here’s what I can come up with thus far! Finally, I got someone to remodel my bathroom. I ditched the former guy and got new […]

IWSG: What a Tangled Web

I’m not really sure what to write here. I missed last month due to an unexpected (feline) death in the family – and due to finding out I need to find a new place to live (still working on that), all of which caused me to completely forget IWSG. I’m now in this kind of […]

A Love Letter from Heaven

I had to hunt this down so I could repost! I spoke to my sister and she said the feather she found she put into a hat and gave to my mom who passed away shortly after (from cancer). Thank you for sharing as this was deeply meaningful and what I needed to hear right […]

Friday Fictioneers: The View Up Here

PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Here she was at last: her first cross-country flight, from Merrill Field to a small airstrip outside Anchorage. Halfway thru, Sarah saw a round saucer-shaped ship cruising along at her 9 o’clock, noiseless and invisible to her controls. Sarah wiped her eyes with the backs of her hands, and looked […]

IWSG: Nothing Personal – But….

>   Way, way back in undergrad, in my very first creative writing class, we were given a series of biographical essays so that we could confront “the auto-biographical impulse.” For (haha) personal reasons, I hate self-disclosure. This is sometimes why I do it too – like lancing a wound. Then, hopefully, it will heal […]

Come to the Water

To look upon the quiet pool by moonlightWill never tell what lies within. How leaf drifted down from tree,The pulses of the steady breeze,Tsunami as the earth quakes far away. Come into the water and feelLife in waves. Mysteries are revealedAs we descendAnd rise again. One day we will know why,The trials, the reason, the […]

IWSG: Time-Sinks & Other Black Holes

Insecure Writer’s Support Group My main fear in writing is that I may put a good deal of effort, and time, into this “hobby” only to discover, somewhat belatedly, that no one wants to read what I have written – and what was I thinking anyway? In my brain, how did I think this was […]

Friday Fictioneers: Another World

  Photo credit: Julia Pendergast Response to May 30, 2014 prompt at Friday Fictioneers. Another World, Genre: Fantasy Two years had passed since Julia left to investigate the disappearance of her sister, leaving only a single scrap of paper. “Stand in front of the doorway, say the words, and the portal will open.” Mark held […]

Fire and Light

(photo was taken by me on 4/15/2014 during the blood moon/lunar eclipse) Inspired by Marion Zimmer Bradley, one of my heroes. May she rest in peace. Fire and Light One spring, the sun rose and saw something he had never seen before. A silver-haired lady stood alone in the sky, wearing a long silver gown […]