FF: Pandemic Problems

PHOTO PROMPT © Trish Nankivell

Click Gollum to Join the fun. (He’s neither blue nor a frog  ) 

Days of endless monotony stretch into a seemingly endless horizon. When will this end? Scott turns to his wife, Julia. She is reading yet another book, sitting by the living room table.

Soft white lights shed a cool glow on the wood-paneled living room. Ever since quarantine started, Julia’s finally had the chance to get to all those books she’s been meaning to read. Her butt rests on soft couch cushions, but her mind stands on the battlefields of ancient France.

Next, she’ll start a romance novel. No, maybe sci fi. No, definitely romance.

Then, she realizes that she’s out of hot cocoa AND at a really good part in the book. Life is full of hard choices.

For this week’s Friday Fictioneers, host Rochelle challenged us to write a pandemic-based story. Click on Gollum for more and have a great week!

14 thoughts on “FF: Pandemic Problems

  1. The surge in reading is one positive from all the lockdown, although it does make me question why none of these people made time to read before such a thing as lockdown forced them to!

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