2021 A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal: Flash Fiction

🎲Flash Fiction🎲

Due to life complications, I haven’t done the A-Z Challenge in a couple years. I’m trying to get back in the practice of writing (and editing) fiction. As a hardcore writing practice, I’m going to (try to) post a piece of flash fiction a day. I’m going to (try to) pre-write most of them in March, except for Thursdays which will be for Friday Fictioneer inspired posts. What can possibly go wrong?

For anyone reading this who doesn’t know, every year writers across the blogosophere come together to write a post (almost) every day in April. (We get time off on Sundays for “good” behavior.) This means a LOT of blog posts, which is why most of try to write and schedule them in March (or earlier). That way, we have time to do our “mandatory” visits of other people’s posts.

That’s because, come on, the best part of the A-Z Challenge isn’t all the blog posts we (have to) write. It’s all the interesting people on their own interesting journeys that we get to meet along the way.

May the 2021 games begin, and…

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16 thoughts on “2021 A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal: Flash Fiction

  1. I agree that it is so helpful to do most of the prep ahead of time. I love visiting other bloggers during the challenge and that would be almost impossible if I was trying to write all my posts at the same time. I’m about 60% done but still lots to do this month before April 1st arrives. Good luck with your flash fiction posts. Weekends In Maine

  2. A story a day to llok forward to 🙂 Good luck Anne. I’m doing it after missing a couple fo years too, and hoping to have most of my posts written ahead of April!

  3. Well, welcome back to the challenge 🙂
    I totally agree with you: meeting great blogs and great people, and finding old fellow AtoZer again is one fo the best things in this challenge.
    Great theme too!

    The Old Shelter – Theme Reveal – The Great War

  4. I missed more than a couple years, I think 2014 was the last time I participated. I’m looking forward to the challenge and looking forward to your posts!

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