So Little Time

In past weeks, I have struggled with what to say. This week, there is so much I want to say.

I’ve now hit 65k+ on my NaNo novel. The monastery was invaded. Instead of taking the place over, the invaders “just want to talk”.

The invaders have been distracted by an uprising, an uprising started in part by their hasty invasion of the monastery. That uprising will have their attention for a few chapters.

Meanwhile, one of my other main characters has finally shown up – and she is wondering about the dragons…. She has a lot of questions about the dragons. Me too! Ever since reading Anne McCaffrey, I have always wanted to ride a dragon. Forget unicorns and ponies. I want to ride a dragon!

If this character doesn’t get to at least become friends with at least one of the dragons by the end, I will have failed as a writer. And a human being.

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Sad Spike from My Little Pony, as rendered by XxWingsxOnxVenxX

I love GRRM-style ensemble casts. I love stories where you think the Major War is happening over there but in reality Character A gave up that position long ago and is now living in Position B, all fortified up and ready to go with a devastating counterattack.

I like stories where good people turn out to be bad and vice versa. I love movies that make me want to throw things at the screen. How can the good guys be so stupid All The Time???

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In actually real reality, I like knowing who the good and bad people are for the most part. I want to be good and I want to help good people. I’d also like to help bad people become not bad. But I really like seeing good people become better. (Better investment that way.)

When it starts to get a little too complicated, bring it all back to basics. Remember the kind of person you want to be – and the kind of person you want to be with. You can never go wrong with that – provided you know what’s right to begin with.

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