Once a week for a year, we said.
I for one have kept my promise.
Lingering over cooling tea, hand over my cup,
Shaking my head at the waitress.

A young couple laughs as they walk by, cheek to cheek.
I try not to take it personally. (I know it isn’t personal.)

I can’t help feeling like – I don’t know –
Like my heart has been carved out like the muffin I ate while waiting
For you.

It’s Wednesday. Where are you?

I check my watch one last time,
As somewhere a bell tolls noon,
I realize –
My watch is fast, an hour fast.
How did that happen?

I look up and see your smiling face.

“You’re early.”

I know that, now.

This is my W post for the A to Z challenge. Just a few more to go!

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