IWSG: New Normal


Hard to believe, but November is finally here and that means the first Wednesday and IWSG Day.

This month’s optional question is a fun one: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever googled in researching a story?

This month is NaNoWriMo, and as always I seem to use November for writing crazy, wacky experimental stories. This month, I’m doing … something on the afterlife. That’s all I can really say at this point. It’s Just That Weird.

Am I the only one who has had the experience where you’ll be researching something strange and out there for a story, and suddenly the subject starts coming up in random conversation?

For example, while researching this afterlife story, it somehow came up that Australia is not quite on the other side of the world from the U.S. – where I live. In fact, it’s opposite the ocean. In fact, pretty much all of the continents are opposite oceans. More so than should be by pure chance. There are scientific theories that discuss this.

I was so fascinated by this random subject that I was debating getting a globe because it’s really hard to see without an actual globe.

I decided not to get a globe because, honestly, I wasn’t that curious. Okay, maybe I was a little curious.

Then, I found out that my sister recently bought a globe and (here’s the weird part) she bought it because she was wondering the same thing, about continents and oceans. Sisters and psychic links maybe? She’s often been able to read my mind. Makes getting away with things harder….

Anyway, like many weird research subjects I’ve somehow tripped over while writing, I’m still not all that interested in continent and ocean placement. The last thing I need in my house is a globe. But it’s funny and kind of cool. And absolutely NOTHING to do with what I’m actually writing. But that’s also kind of the point. My brain may think it’s tricking me with this “related research,” but I know better. Sort of.



Once a week for a year, we said.
I for one have kept my promise.
Lingering over cooling tea, hand over my cup,
Shaking my head at the waitress.

A young couple laughs as they walk by, cheek to cheek.
I try not to take it personally. (I know it isn’t personal.)

I can’t help feeling like – I don’t know –
Like my heart has been carved out like the muffin I ate while waiting
For you.

It’s Wednesday. Where are you?

I check my watch one last time,
As somewhere a bell tolls noon,
I realize –
My watch is fast, an hour fast.
How did that happen?

I look up and see your smiling face.

“You’re early.”

I know that, now.

This is my W post for the A to Z challenge. Just a few more to go!

Friday Fictioneers: The Last Walk


In the Third Era, settlers came to Rygar IV by the hundreds, escaping from the over-crowded conditions which plagued their former homes. Metallic and brittle, the so-called Last Walk signified the last steps colonists would take, perhaps ever. In many cases, hope and oxygenators were their sole companions. Some would drown. Many died.

Thanks to these early settlers, Rygar IV now boasts domed cities, artificial islands, and of course our precious deep-sea mines. We who bask in the lights of the Blue City, who gaze in peace upon the loveliness of our Twin Stars, may we never forget.


This is my weekly submission for Friday Fictioneers, where every week we write 100-word stories in response to a prompt selected by our fearless leader, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. For more stories, click on the frog!

Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate blog hop

It’s Friday again, and that means it is time to celebrate all the great and small things which have happened this week.

  1. I tested my house heat partly because it got a tad chilly but mostly because the chill reminded me I should – before winter gets here! I’m glad I did too, because the heat wasn’t working and the fuel company was able to get a guy over the very next day. He fixed it AND gave me maintenance tips for the future. It was a relatively simple fix, but I hate to think what would have happened if it were truly cold out. For those in the northern hemisphere with home heating systems of the might-not-work type, have you checked yours yet? Don’t forget!
  2. I’ve been writing and started research that will hopefully help me pull plot points together for the novel I’m working on. I’m relying heavily on Semitic mythology, which has led to some fun stories including lesser-known tales from 1,001 Nights.
  3. On Monday I got to spend time with family, including a nice walk through Smithville Park and groundhog spotting. So adorable, so glad it isn’t in my yard. 😉


Then there’s the other little things, business writing sold (yay) to help pay the bills, unpacking of stuff in storage, and keeping up with cardio via the gym. How about you? How was your week?

Grab some Z’s


Okay, that’s it. It’s been a long month and I’m done writing made-up stories. Today, I’m going to tell you a little about myself.

My name is actually Zarknon. I am actually an artificial life form engaged in a complex Turing test to see if people will believe I’m actually human. I don’t need rest but all the scientists who have been carefully evaluating my statements and responses? They’re exhausted. I guess that’s what you get for working with humans.


My very last post for the 2016 A-Z Challenge! Here comes May!

Celebrate the Small Things

I’m in a big rush as I write this one for Celebrate the Small Things, hosted by Lexa Cain.

This week I have a lot to celebrate. Lots of writing and other work done, including housework and  yardwork and daily exercise. Have to run now due to going to visit my dad’s girlfriend then my dad as part of planning a surprise 80th birthday party for him. Also celebrating that!



2015-11-16 16.33.13

It’s an old story, old perhaps as time. My world changed the day we met and I can never quite figure out how. Mom pressured me to go spend time with you, because “you never know how long you’ll have.”

I hated the smell, the cloying perfume and flowers, the crowded collection of photos and knickknacks. I hated your tiny living space, the old log cabin in the middle of nowhere without cell phone service, without internet, just this crappy old landline. What was there to do for fun?

Then, you spoke. Then, we walked. You taught me about nature and the world we live in, about the simple joys of a simple life.

Here’s my Friday post for A-Z Challenge. Almost to the end now!