Writing Woes

Total confession: I’m having trouble with my narrative right now. Here’s why.

I need to write a war scene. It’s important. I hate war scenes. Seriously, why can’t we all just get along?

I’m self-medicating with iced caramel coffee, almond Danish, and lots of very unnecessary time on Facebook. Trying to write this scene is killing me.

Some writers gleefully take out whole villages in prose! (Not in reality, I assume. Though, you never know….) I am not one of those writers. I keep wanting to skip to the part where the villain is the only one getting hurt. First you have to show that they are really a villain and that means … oh, no, not my precious little innocent characters.

See the source image
Stop looking at me like that, baby kitten! I know you’re not real!

I may have to write a particularly evocative SOL (slice of life) scene or three to show the faces of the people who would rather be Anywhere Else and wind up dead instead. You know. Maximum pathos.

Yep, I definitely need more iced coffee for this one.

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