FF: Deep Questions

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter


Maybe there is an invisible consciousness that watches us all, and if so – deep question: what would such a being want?

A light flicks on, and Carly jumps in surprise. The studio apartment she shares with Phil comes into sharp relief. There’s an empty mug next to her chair.

“You have got to stop reading horror novels in the dark,” Phil says. “Bad for your eyes.”

“It’s not a novel. It’s this stupid philosophy textbook.”

“Even worse. I’ll put a pot of tea on.”

“I love you.”

“Milk, no sugar. You got it.”

This eerie – is someone watching or is it just me? – picture from Sarah Potter reminded me of one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes (Listen), about an “ultimate hider” that may or not be watching all of us Right Now.

Probably not, but … how would we know if there were? OooOooo…..

13 thoughts on “FF: Deep Questions

  1. Dear Anne,

    What I want to know is how she could read in the dark unless it was on a Kindle. 😉 Love the connection of horror and philosophy. Nicely done. I’ll have milk in my tea as well.



  2. I like how you ended your story. Best not to dwell too long on the idea of your every move being watched, but at the same time anyone who has a cell phone *is* being watched, listened to, and followed at all times…. Good song at the end.

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