Being Still


I cannot lie. Sometimes it is hard to simply sit and relax, especially when Bob (we will call him Bob) starts drumming his fingers on the desk while I’m trying to work on the computer. Sometimes, I think he does it on purpose. He must, because I’ll be there working and suddenly. Drum drum drum.

I hate him. I wish he would disappear. Until the day I find out he has nerve damage. As a child he was in an accident and everyone thought he was okay until….

I know that peace is not something anyone can give or take from me. Peace is or is not inside me. I sit by the open window with my eyes closed and ask the universe for advice on how to move, how to live, how to be, while being still, while everything moves around me.


Day 2 entry for the A-Z Challenge. True confessions. I pre-wrote my posts for this year but forgot to pre-schedule them. Yesterday one of my kittens accidentally fell off a box on my head and made a big owie  so not feeling too hot today. This too shall pass!

Also just wanted to mention although I am not Buddhist half my family is and this story is half-inspired by a life tried to be lived with Christian ethics and by profound family experiences. Blessings!

16 thoughts on “Being Still

  1. ‘Sometimes it is hard to simply sit and relax’. Only those know this who have consciously tried it. Peace is a state of mind that comes with a balanced detachment to our surroundings …. at least that is how I understand it. I am enriched by reading this.

  2. Yikes, I hope you are feeling better! I too pre-wrote my posts for the A-Z Challenge and I’m scheduled so far thorough April 7. My goal is to get them all scheduled by the end of the weekend.

    1. Thanks Rhonda! Bob is fictional but you never know. I think we’ve met all someone with an annoying habit we eventually find out they really can’t help.

  3. I know I have trouble being still. Would love to clear my mind and sit quietly. So much “noise” in my head! 🙂 And all that noise usually finds its way to my fingertips and onto the screen of my computer. 🙂

  4. Anne, I cannot say enough how much I love your writing. I love this line: “Peace is or is not inside me.” So true.

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