Celebrate the Small Things 3


Here’s my third post for celebrate the Small Things where every week we look at what we’ve accomplished .
What I’ve accomplished this week.
1. Made it to work every day. I’m on the bus on the way to Friday so that counts!
2. Made it to the gym almost every day. See next bullet!
3. Wasn’t feeling well yesterday so took a much needed rest after work and early to bed early to rise. Hence no gym. Went early this morning though and feeling much better! I love early morning gym folks. Thinking about shifting my schedule.
4. Went to mass every day this week too. I’m kind of an on again off again catholic and am mostly on again ramping up to going to Philadelphia for world meeting of families next month.
5. Visited my dad who is now out of hospital in rehab. Yay!
6. Wrote a guest post for another blog this week. Will be up on Monday.
7. Oh and the saga of new home ownership continues. Had my new replacement shower kit delivered and the contractor has an ultimatum to start installation by Monday. Sigh.

I’m really glad for this group and sorry I didn’t get to read around much last weekend. This time I will!

8 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things 3

  1. Wow. What a busy week and so much you got done! Glad you’re making it to everything and the meeting sounds wonderful (always enjoy those things myself). Have a great week!

  2. Holy cow – that a million things you have going on there! I’m very impressed you accomplished so much, especially early morning gym visits. (I don’t do early morning anything. lol) Wishing you the strength to keep up your wonderful accomplishments!

    1. Thanks Lexa. TBH, it doesn’t feel like much. So it helps a lot to hear you say that! I guess I’m mostly frustrated about house stuff and it’s like a (almost literal) dripping faucet int he back of my brain.

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