Friday Fictioneers: No One Ever Knew


Here’s my entry for Friday Fictioneers. This week’s fascinating photo comes from C.E.Ayr.

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Gazing at the view screen, Ereenor sighed, the sound moving like thunder through the water.

“Yes, the planet is mostly water,” he said. “But its people are not friendly to our brothers and sisters. Some they hunt and kill for their oils. Other they keep as pets….” He shuddered, his tail thrashing nervously.

“We trust your judgment,” the council said,speaking as one. “We will find another planet. For now, rescue our oppressed kin.”


No one ever knew why so many whales and dolphins suddenly disappeared – or what we almost gained instead.

Celebrate the Small Things #2

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My accomplishments this week:

  1. Got a flash fiction story written. Have another that I will get done today!
  2. Made it to work every day (yay). Nothing so exciting this week, but still I was there.
  3. Visited my dad in the hospital on Saturday and made him smile with a balloon and a card. Going to visit him again tomorrow.
  4. Edited “the novel,” a little bit.
  5. Finally read (well, listened to) Harper Lee’s new book. I had a lot of deep thoughts from it. To be honest, I’d been putting this one off, dreading it even, but when I listened to it I realized how brilliant it really was and that Harper Lee is dealing with deep subjects like paternalism and the need to take down our idols.
  6. Last but not least, I remembered to write a Friday post!!