Friday Fictioneers: Sometimes

stephen-baumPHOTO PROMPT © Stephen Baum

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I’ve been away from Friday Fictioneers for a while. Life has been crazy. Just finished up my first week at new job. (I survived!) And have a closing for my new house scheduled for next week. So I’m finally starting to feel like, okay, my life is going to be normal or at least normalized…. And, how I’ve missed writing flash fiction for Rochelle, who every week posts these fascinating prompts for 100-word stories.

Hope you enjoy my take below. If you’d like to participate with your own story and/or read more flash fiction, click the froggy.


Sometimes, I dream of you. At least I have not forgotten you.
In the dream, we stand together in a long, unending room with no doors. At the end of the room shines a brilliant light, a blindingly bright light, a light I cannot reach, not yet.
Perhaps, the light is heaven. Perhaps, that is where you are.
In my dream, you are young, brown curls bouncing on rosy cheeks. I hold you tight, never wanting to let you go. And that’s when, usually, I wake up.
Most days, life goes on. Life must go on. But sometimes I still remember.

IWSG: They Liked It! Oh no! Now what?


Here I am for my monthly post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, where once a month, on the first Wednesday, we get together and share our angst about writing. It’s a chance to share grievances, and successes. This month, I’m in the middle of finally buying a house (closing date is July 17th but could be moved up if all goes well), and (re-)starting a new/old job (on Monday, the 6th) – and in general trying not to go too terribly crazy.

On the subject of writing,

Good, oddly scary news! I’ve had a short story received favorably by a publication which is seriously considering publishing it. I feel like I’m geeking out, being so excited about this, but it’s given me a chance to think about process for writing, reading, submitting – and angsting.

First the story was written purely for creative fun during NaNoWriMo, when my novel went off the rails a little bit. Several months later, I was doing market research (ie. reading lots of fun and not-so-fun stuff), and realized that hey, this is the kind of story this market publishes.

And – they liked it. They actually liked it. Wow.

Now, I know from my (one, single, solitary) recent experience with publication that – if accepted – all is not over. I will have to face The Editor and the Red Pen of Death. Then,  Lots Of People will see it.

I still dread that moment when my words are shared. Each and every time. But at the same time, I hope that maybe, just maybe, my words will help someone in some way,  even if only with a smile.


That’s why I force myself to write, and re-write, and share. Other jobs are so much easier and so much more dependable in their pay (which is the main reason I’m going – at least temporarily – back to my old job.)

What about you? What do you do? Why do spend at least part of  your time writing? And how do you feel about sharing those words with the world?

Let me know what you think.